Tutorial: Filled Table Lamp

It seems like a blog post every other week is going to work out better for my schedule, every week might have been a bit optimistic on my part J.  Here is my next tutorial.

I love decorating my new condo by combining items from lots of different stores and making a things to add a super personal touch.  This week I am going to show you how to make a filled table lamp to match your décor.  I am usually NOT a fan of silk faux flowers as a rule, but I decided to try them in my idea for this lamp since it will be contained within the glass.  When I think of silk flowers, I usually think of dusty, old things.  You could also use colorful stones, rocks, souvenirs, colorful paper, or anything you like.  I am already thinking of doing a second one with colorful shredded paper.


  • Fillable table lamp (mine was from Target, they are available in lots of shapes and sizes and from various stores)
  • Lamp shade (again mine was from Target)
  • Faux flowers in colors you like
  • (Alternative items you want to fill your lamp with)
  • Scissors or other basic supplies you may need, depending on your filling
  • Glass cleaner
Tutorial: Filled Table Lamp

Here are the supplies for my Filled Table Lamp

To start, I opened up the top of my lamp by unscrewing the top socket.  I cleaned the lamp inside and out well with the glass cleaner.  Mine had a sort of film on it, probably from sitting in the store for a while.  Once your lamp is clean, you’re ready to get creative.

For the types of flowers I bought, I cut individual orchids off of the vine and cut up my hydrangeas to create smaller flower bunches and individual leaves.  I chose to do this because the tall and skinny shape of my lamp wouldn’t fit the full hydrangea bloom.  If you have a shorter or wider one, it would be interesting to keep some larger blooms.

Remember that your lamp needs to be interesting 360° around so plan for how you are going to arrange your items.  I started by placing some leaves in the ‘back’ of my lamp (the side with the cord exiting on the bottom).  Then, I placed my taller grass pieces toward the back and spread out.  Then, I started placing the purple hydrangea pieces with orchids interspersed throughout the bottom.  I made sure all the orchids were facing out and you couldn’t see any of the stem I cut off.

Tutorial: Filled Table Lamp

Here is my new Filled Table Lamp

I played with my arrangement for a while until I got it how I liked it.  Once I was happy with it, I reattached the socket and installed the lampshade.  Then I chose a spot for my new favorite lamp.  Get creative with this great idea!

Tutorial: Filled Table Lamp

Here is my new Filled Table Lamp in its new spot in my condo!


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