HoustonDIY Household Tips: Part 1

Hello everyone,

For this post, I thought I’d share a few household tips that my life a little easier.  I do a few simple things that are easy and super helpful.  Some are super simplistic, but I don’t apologize for that since some of the easiest things turn out to be the most helpful!

Tip #1:  Use bookends to help organize unruly tupperware.

As most of you have experienced, but tupperware cabinet is unruly at the best of times.  I take my breakfast and lunch to work, so my tupperware is in a constant state of flux.  I found something really simple to help me keep it in control.  I use a set of inexpensive bookends to keep the lids separated by size and organized.  These particular bookends were from Ikea and are small enough to fit in my small cabinets.

Tupperware organized with bookends

Here are my tupperware lids organized by simple bookends.

Tip #2:  Use toilet bowl cleaner to remove mildew stains on caulking in the shower

I have to thank my wonderful friend and neighbor Susan for this tip.  For those of you like me in an older house or condo without tiled and grouted showers, you’ll know about mildew stains on caulking.  Even if your shower is clean, an unsightly black stain can exist on the caulking.  To eliminate this easily, use toilet bowl cleaner with bleach.  Any brand will work as long as it contains bleach and is the thick kind that you usually dispense right under the rim of the toilet bowl.  For the shower, just apply the cleaner liberally to the caulking that is stained and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes.  Then, rinse liberally with water to remove all of the cleaner and voila!

Before and After of shower cleaning

Here is the before and after pics of my shower cleaned with toilet bowl cleaner.

Enjoy these tips.  There will be some more on the way soon!



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