DIY Hendriksdal Seat Covers

I hesitate to call this an Ikea Hack right off the bat, but I made some personalized cover for two of my Ikea Henriksdal bar stool.  I love the bar stools, but am sometimes a little disappointed in the selection of covers that Ikea carries.  They change season to season, but if there are a few seasons without something I like, my décor gets a little stale.

I have two sets of stools, one for my bar and one for my sewing room, and already had a navy blue cover.  I used this cover along with the bar stool itself to develop the pattern.  I had originally picked up an instruction sheet for making a cover at Ikea itself, but when I made pattern pieces according to Ikea measurements, the pieces were not the correct size.  I threw that plan out and used my existing seat cover and the chair itself to make new pattern pieces.

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper or brown paper bag (for making pattern pieces)
1.5 yd fabric per barstool
1.5 yd sewable Velcro
Sewing machine (If you have a serger, this is a great use for it)
General sewing supplies (scissors, matching thread, pins, etc.)


I first created the 5 pattern pieces needed (chair back – back, chair back – front, seat, seat side, and seat front) using printer paper taped together to make the larger pieces.  (Butcher paper or poster board also work well for making larger pattern pieces).  I included a 5/8” seam allowance since I was using upholstery fabric.  If you are using a cotton or thinner fabric you could make do with a ½” or smaller seam allowance.

Next, I cut the 6 pieces for each chair (1 x chair back – back, 1 x chair back – front, 1 x seat, 2 x seat side, and 1 x seat front).  The seat side pattern piece will be for either the left or right side.  Make sure to cut the two side pieces from different sides of your fabric to make sure you have the right side out for both the right and left side.  Then, I began to assemble each chair.  Since this was a new pattern, I worked with large stiches first (4 – 4.5 mm) and checked the fit at each step.  I made adjustments if needed, and then resewed each seam with smaller stiches (2.5 – 3 mm).  I also serged the seams to create a smooth finish and to make it easier to wash the covers.  The upholstery fabric I used shed threads pretty easily so the serger helped me keep everything tidy.

Here is the Henriksdal cover mid-construction.  The curves can be tricky, so I used a plethora of pins.

Here is the Henriksdal cover mid-construction. The curves can be tricky, so I used a plethora of pins.

I created the chair back and chair seat and sewed them together.  Once it was mostly assembled, I fit the cover on my chair and pinned the bottom hem all the way around.  I only needed the loop side of the hook and loop Velcro since the Ikea bar stools have hook Velcro around the bottom edge to hold the seat covers.  Once the Velcro position was determined, I hemmed the bottom edge of the cover and sewed on the Velcro.  Then, my covers were ready for use!

The completed Henriksdal chair covers in action

The completed Henriksdal chair covers in action


10 thoughts on “DIY Hendriksdal Seat Covers

  1. I would LOVEEEE more information on these covers. Been trying to figure out the pattern, having a hard time unless I tear one mine apart, which I’m trying to avoid doing.

    Do you still have the measurements or pattern or anything by chance? I’m crossing my fingers!!

    • Amanda,

      Yes, I have the pattern pieces somewhere in my craft room… Is there any particular part you need? I’ll dig them out and post the dimensions of each piece.


  2. hello! Your chairs look amazing, is there any way I could get the dimensions of your pattern pieces?! I want to avoid ripping up my current covers, and am having a bit of a hard time! My email is 🙂 🙂

  3. hello! i’m french and i don’t understand everything, but i have the same project.
    but i beging sewing and i don’t know how to do the pattern?
    is-it possible you to send me un photo of your pattern?
    i won’t use cotton but skay (like leather)…thank you

  4. Hi – I am also looking for the pattern for these stools! I’m not good enough to cut one myself ( I know because I have already tried!)…..Did you end up finding your pattern?

  5. I would love a copy of the pattern as well. I’m guessing the instruction sheet you picked up didn’t fit because Ikea has changed the size of the chair. It used to be 15.75 inches wide and now it’s 18 inches.

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