Handy Paint Chips – Decorating Tip

When decorating a new place or redecorating your humble abode, sometimes deciding on paint colors is the hardest part.  Once you’ve finally made the leap and committed to wall colors, the last thing you want is your furniture, curtains, rugs, accessories, and everything else not to match.

I got frustrated with not knowing how to match the blue-gray in my guest room.  Although I have the original paint chips from Sherwin Williams, I think having the other 4 colors on the strip is distracting and there is never a large enough swatch to make real comparisons.  I decided to take my decorating game to the next level by making my own swatches.

I created swatches by painting tongue depressors with all my paint colors (and a few paint samples I had bought during my quest for the perfect wall colors).  First, I wrote the name and color number on each stick with ball point pen.  Then, I painted each side and let them dry.  I also stained a tongue depressor with a gray stain that I recently used on a project (post to come…).  Once they were all dry, my amazing swatch collection is ready.

Paint chips freshly painted with all the wall colors of my house

Paint chips freshly painted with all the wall colors of my house

The revelation in this project was using the perfect container – a plastic container that the packets for 2-qt crystal light comes in!  It is the perfect size for these sticks and there is room for fabric swatches or other inspiration items that I may need while shopping.

Paint Chips in Bottle

The paint chips in the convenient bottle, ready for a decorating adventure!

Happy decorating!



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