Tutorial: Play kitchen oven mitts and pot holders

DIY Tutorial: Play Kitchen Oven Mitts

DIY Tutorial: Play Kitchen Oven Mitts

I have two adorable nieces under 5 years old. In an attempt to foster and support their creativity, I wanted to make something for them this past Christmas rather than just buying something from the big box stores. My nieces love to ‘play kitchen’ with play food, a play kitchen set-up and lots of dishes, tea sets, and pots and pans. I decided to add to their kitchen stash with child-sized oven mitts and hot pads. Warning: these are only for play time and are not oven or heat safe – just for imaginary food preparation.

Supplies needed:
Sewing machine with basic sewing supplies (scissors, thread, etc.)
Scraps of two coordinating fabrics (<1/4 yd each)
Scrap batting (medium or high loft preferred)
Double fold binding (scraps, store bought or handmade)

1.  Draw a template.  Draw a template from scratch for the oven mitt outline onto printer or craft paper. I used a full size oven mitt as reference and tried to scale it down to about toddler size. My completed template is about 8 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide, including seam allowance.  Remember, it’s just for fun so don’t worry about the shape too much.

2.  Cut out all the pieces.  Cut out 2 oven mitt shapes from each of the two fabrics and 2 pieces from batting (2 x fabric #1, 2 x fabric #2, 2 x batting = 6 total pieces per mitt). For each of the fabrics, make sure to cut out a ‘right’ and a ‘left’ mitt by turning over the template before cutting out the second. If you are making a pair of mitts, you’ll need twice the number of pieces (12 total pieces). Instructions that follow are for a single mitt.

Oven mitt pattern and assembly

Oven mitt pattern and assembly

3.  Quilt the pieces.  Next, create 2 sandwiches (‘left’ and ‘right’) from fabric #1 lying right side down, then the batting piece on top of that, then fabric #2 on top, right side up.  Make sure your sandwiches of fabric – batting – fabric have right sides out.  Next, using an even feed foot of you have one, quilt these sandwiches however you like.  I just quilted a grid of straight lines for simplicity.  After quilting, sew around the edge of each sandwich with a serger to bind and finish any uneven edges. If you don’t have serger, trim the edges of the sandwiches if there was any slipping during quilting and sew a seam 1/8 inch from the edge around each sandwich to keep everything together.  (For more advanced sewers, you can make a sandwich from a square at least 6 inches tall x 10 inches wide, quilt, cut out the two sides of the mitt, and serge the edges)

4.  Assemble the mitt.  Decide which fabric you want on the outside of the mitts and make sure then are facing inside for this step.  Stack the two quilted pieces with wrong sides out. Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the mitt, starting and ending on either side of the mitt opening, leaving the opening unsewn.

5.  Bind the bottom edge.  The final step is binding the bottom edge of the mitt. This can be challenging since the opening is quite small. I recommend applying one edge of the binding to the outside of the mitt (when it’s inside out) with the raw edges of the binding aligned with the raw edge of the mitt. After sewing, turn mitt inside out. Fold over binding to the outside (right side) of the mitt and top stitch binding down around opening.  I added a loop to mimic a real mitt.

I followed the same technique to make the play pot holders. I created a single quilt sandwich about 5 inches square and bound the edge. It’s that easy!

Finished play kitchen oven mitt and pot holders

Finished play kitchen oven mitt and pot holders

– Stephanie, HoustonDIY


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