Tutorial: Simple Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Yarn Letter Tutorial

HoustonDIY’s Yarn-Wrapped Letter Tutorial

Pinterest is full of great examples of yarn wrapped wreaths and letters. These are simple, quick, customizable, and beautiful additions to your entry, kitchen, office, bedroom, kids room, or any part your home. I thought I would try my hand at this technique. I’m definitely not inventing anything new, but want to show you that this really is quick and easy as everyone says.

I had bought my initials in lowercase letters from the Paper Source years ago. I’ve been waiting to find something fun to do with them and the recent inspiration from Pinterest directed me.

Supplies Needed:
Letters, cardboard or chipboard (available at Joann’s, Michaels, Paper Source)
Yarn, any weight or texture
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Acrylic paint (optional)

1. (Optional) Paint the letters. I painted my letters with acrylic paint first so I could choose a fun color that was going show through any gaps in the yarn rather than the brown paper color. I painted 2 coats of white and then 2 coats for my turquoise.

2. Make a Plan. Plan how to wrap each letter. Depending on the letters you have and their style – especially whether the font is serif or sans-serif – you will need to think about how your wrapping should go to cover everything. Think about the layers of yarn and make sure to cover the ends first before a final wrap of everything.

Yarn Letters in Progress

Yarn letters in progress – wrap the ends to ensure everything is covered

3. Get wrapping! This can be a bit tedious but wrap away until you’ve covered each letter. Try to be as smooth and orderly as you can to get an even finish. Use hot glue to secure the ends. I used hot glue to secure any areas that were shifting around my serif font edges.

– try using variegated yarn or multiple colors of yarn either wrapped together of in layers to create a unique look
– Embellish your letters with felt flowers, buttons, or ribbon to personalize your project

Yarn Letter Finished

Completed yarn letters – easy and quick!

– Stephanie, Houston DIY


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