Scrappy Quilt from Jessica Darling Color Theory Workshop

As a member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild (HMQG), I had the privilege of attending a color theory workshop by Jessica Darling at a recent guild meeting. Jessica is an awesome person and has years of experience in sewing and quilting and has a professional long arm service. Jessica led us through a color workshop using scraps everyone brought in from their stashes. We dumped the scraps on the floor and went diving into the pile to create a new project.

I was not a very good student since Jessica was encouraging us to expand outside of our normal color palette and I stick pretty closely with the cools and grays I know and love. I added some lime and dark yellow, but I wasn’t as adventurous as my guild colleagues.

Color Theory Quilt Front

Color Theory Quilt Front

Using the scraps, I made modified log cabin squares with varying sizes of squares and strips. I made about 8 squares during the workshop and came home and made 16 more. I wanted to make a throw size quilt and ended up with a top pieced into a 6 by 4 square, made from 12″ squares.

I pieced a scrappy, striped back with some gray fabric I had, using 100% cotton low loft batting, and pieced scrappy binding. I wanted to try something new for the quilting and decided on using teal and gray to make irregular triangle pattern. I’m not yet up to free motion quilting, so I stuck with straight lines and my even feed foot. I decided to hand sew the binding on the back to finish the quilt. It looks pretty good, but I think I’ll save hand binding for special quilts in the future and use my trusty binding foot. After binding, it ended up 70 x 47 inches.

Color Theory Quilt Back

Color Theory Quilt Back

I encourage you to dive into your scrap pile or hold a similar workshop with your guild or bee. It’s good practice and combining colors patterns that you may not normally think of combining.

Completed Color Theory Quilt

Completed Color Theory Quilt – ready for watching a movie on the couch

– Stephanie, HoustonDIY


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