Tutorial: Cheery Berry Wreath

Cheery Berry Wreath

Cheery Berry Wreath welcoming visitors

Now that I own a home, I feel motivated to decorate for the holidays. I don’t quite have the passion or time for elaborate house bedazzling with lights and sound. I thought I’d start with a winter wreath. I wanted something that wasn’t too Christmas-y so I could keep it up longer – a cheery winter berry wreath was the ticket.  I got some simple materials from my local arts and crafts store and whipped up this wreath in under 30 minutes.

Wire wreath frame – I used an 18″ one from Michael’s
Fir garland or other green garland to cover frame
Floral wire

[I bought 50 springs of berries from Michaels at an after Christmas sale. Each spring had about 10 to 12 berries on it. Depending in your wreath size and the density you want, you may need more or fewer springs.]

1. Prep your sprigs. For my sprigs, I removed the leaf on each one to leave only berries.  Depending on the look you want and the sprigs you buy, you could leave all or some of the leaves for a different look.

2. Cover frame with greenery.  I used a fir garland to cover the wire frame and provide a background for the berries.  I placed the garland twice around the wreath on the front, securing it with floral wire.

2. Attach your sprigs. My sprigs all had floral wire in the base that allowed me to simply wrap the end around the wire of the wreath frame. I spaced them out evenly around the wreath, attaching them on the two concentric wire rings on the frame that made up the front of the frame. I wasn’t worried about position of the sprig yet, that would be taken care on in the next step. The key is evenly spacing the sprigs.

Attach berry springs evenly around the wreath

Attach berry springs evenly around the wreath

3. Wrap your wreath in floral wire. This was the most important step, in my opinion. I wanted a smooth, uniform circle of berries so I decided to wrap the wreath in floral wire. I attached the end of the wire on my spool of floral wire and started wrapping the wire around the wreath, working my way around the wreath. I wrapped the wire about every 1 – 2 inches. The key for the look I wanted to achieve was to make sure the sprigs were all laying in the same direction. As I wrapped, I gathered them up and tucked the wire in between berries to hide it and secure the sprigs to the wreath. I went all the way around the wreath overlapping a bit with where I started.

Wrapping of wreath in progress

Wrapping of wreath in progress. Wrapping with floral wire ensures all the berries lie down in the direction you want.

This project was fairly straightforward and easy to assemble.  I love that the wreath works for fall and winter since it is too Christmas-specific.

Completed Cheery Berry Wreath - ready for your front door

Completed Cheery Berry Wreath – ready for your front door

For your project, you could easily add sprigs of other leaves, flowers, or other bling to jazz up your wreath.

– Stephanie, HoustonDIY


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