Bee Block for 2017 Super Awesome Quilt Bee – Scrappy String-X Blocks

For the 2017 Super Awesome Quilt Bee, I am asking my partners to make a scrappy String-X blocks.  It is the same as I requested last year since I’m hoping to have enough to finish the quilt top this year.  I referenced another tutorial last year, but some of the instructions weren’t very clear.

This post is meant to provide clear, concise directions to make these easy, scrap busing blocks.  You will be making four 7.25″ unfinished blocks.  Since the finished size is unusual, I recommend not trimming your blocks, just send them to be as is.  Please do not sew together your four blocks.

Cut list (for 4 blocks):

  • Four (4) 5″ square from Kona Pepper (Bee-approved solid), cut diagonally once to produce eight triangles
  • Two (2) 1″ x WOF from Kona Snow (Bee-approved solid); sub-cut into eight (8) 1″ x 10.5″ strips
  • Scrappy cool fabrics cut into thins trips 3.5″ wide (use your scraps!) (more details below)

Instructions (for 4 blocks):

1.  Create scrappy center strip.  Cut scraps down to strips between 0.75 and 1.5″ wide by 3.5″ long.  Assemble scraps by sewing them together in random order with seams on the 3.5″ side (see photo).  Continue sewing scraps together, pressing as you prefer until you have a striped, scrappy piece 3.5″ wide by at least 42″ long.  This provides the scrappy center strip for 4 blocks.  Iron the strip well and cut four 10.5″ lengths from your scrappy strip.

IMG_7192Figure 1: Scrappy strips assembled, ready for block assembly.

2.  Add white accent.  On each of your 3.5″ by 10.5″ scrappy strips, add a 1″ by 10.5″ white strip on each side.  Your accented scrappy strip is now 4.5″ by 10.5″.

3.  Trim scrappy strip.  Trim a 2.25″ triangle on each side and end of the scrappy strip.  the easiest way to do this is to cut a 2.25″ square out of a piece of paper.  Cut this in half across the diagonal.  Then, tape one of these triangles to your quilting ruler temporarily, as shown in the picture below.  Then, just the paper triangle as a guide to trim off your corners.

IMG_7195Figure 2: Paper triangle taped to quilter’s ruler.

IMG_7196Figure 3: Align corner of scrappy strip with white accent under paper triangle.

IMG_7197.JPGFigure 4.  Trim all four corners on each scrappy strip.

IMG_7198.JPGFigure 5: Trimmed scrappy strips ready for the final step.

4.  Add black corners.  Sew one Kona Pepper triangle on each side of the white accent.  You should be aligning the hypotenuse (bias edge) of the triangle with the unsewn edge of the white accent strip.  The triangle will have little wings on each end that indicates a good fit (Figure 6).  Sew a black triangle on each side of the scrappy strip.  Press well.  Mail the blocks as is (untrimmed).  Please do not sew the four blocks together.

IMG_7200Figure 6: Sewing on the black triangles completes block construction.

IMG_7201.JPGFigure 7: Four new Scrappy String-X blocks!

Happy Bee Sewing,


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