About Houston DIY

Hello and welcome to HoustonDIY.

Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in DIY, Houston, crafts, or anything that brought you here.  I’m Stephanie and I’ve been interested in crafting and sewing since I was a child.  I grew up sewing, quilting, and crocheting as a child and have grown into a love of sewing clothes, cooking/baking, jewelry making,  sewing for the home, painting, repurposing items, and numerous other crafts.  I’ve done most of the crafts out there throughout my life including candlemaking, plastic canvas, papermaking, tole painting, and most everything in between.

I’ve just moved to Houston and am looking forward to free time to do all the crafts that I’ve spent 10 years is school thinking about and planning for.  Some fun facts about me:

  1. I love lists and organization in general
  2. I’m an engineer but i’ll try not to nerd out on any projects and get technical.
  3. I won a prize in my home state’s State Fair for a quilt when I was ~12 years old (← crafty from any early age!)

I’ll be posting tutorials and posts about new projects as often as possible outside of my full-time job and triathlon training.  Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!


Me in bamboo
Me in Bamboo in Hawai’i

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